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All Inclusive Beach Vacation in the Castaway Resort – A Paradise Awaits You

Visit Australia and you are bound to be taken in by the simple ambience and the lovely surroundings here in this part of the world. Visit the beautiful locales here and enjoy the best ways of spending holidays here.

Visit the Castaway Resort here in Australia and enjoy the simple pleasures of accommodation and lodging in the Mission Beach. The Mission Beach has a luxurious ambience and also has a lovely spa resort attached to it.

There are 20 tropical islands glittering over the waters of the Coral Sea. The cool soft sand here is a total visual treat for all who come here. There is also a spa house and some entertainment for you. Enjoy the simple sights here and bask in the pleasures of great region in this part of Australia and South Pacific.

Beach Pleasures in the Castaway Resort
Today the Castaways Resort and Spa is a great beach destination in Australian tours. The World Heritage Tropical Rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef surround this resort and thus is a perfect beach destination for anyone.
With the best kinds of rainforest swimming area and the most adventurous walking trails stays in Castaway Resort are not without their share of fun and excitement.

Mission Beach was recently affected by a cyclone that struck here some time back. But today the beach and the pools look as stunning as they were earlier. The resort is very comfortable and guest friendly and has a lot of facilities for the visitors coming to this part of Australia.

Tropical Rainforests
Life here is entirely dominated by the presence often rainforests and the islands. The serenity and the invigorating ambience is what make tours here very memorable. With the kind of peace and irresisible natural beauty, the simple sights of the natural rainforest springs trickling down the mountains sets your mind at peace. There are gentle waterfalls here that turn into creeks and flow through the pebbly bed thus giving a great visual treat. Then of course you have the loveliest experiences on the sandy beaches. With the coconut palms surrounding the beach, the travel delights here are in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef.

The sea and the breeze here complement the ambience and relaxes tired nerves. The sun and sand paradise thus gives the ideal pleasures of a much valued travel destination. Visit luxury-resort-guide.com and enjoy the beach pleasures at the Castaway Beach Resort .